Cóndor Shirts

Cóndor has t-shirt and CD packages available for sale on their Bandcamp page now.

Progressive rockers might want to snatch one up.

Ahora tenemos camisetas en todos los tamaños, en negro, blanco o rojo, por 20.000 pesos. También puede llevar Duin, Sangreal y una camisa por 45000 pesos. Escríbanos a la página si está interesado.

You can now order shirts back in stock, in all sizes, in black, red or white. The price for a shirt and copies of Duin and Sangreal is still 30USD, and the combo can be ordered at our bandcamp.


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3 thoughts on “Cóndor Shirts”

  1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    They should get Leo Rojas in the band and cover El Condor Pasa to death.

  2. Anndra says:

    word to the wise: the shirts are cheap and a really weird cut. still a really good deal without the shirt, but it might be a bit disappointing for anyone looking forward to owning a Condór shirt.

  3. Jack says:

    Condor was awesome when we played with em in LI. But yeah the shirts are a strange fit, I’m 6’2 maybe and the neck is very tight and sleeves very short on an XL :)

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