CORROSION OF CONFORMITY slaughters good name

It’s hard to pass up the money. The kids want rock ‘n’ roll disguised as heavy metal, so they can be both (a) dangerous rebels and (b) fit in.

COC just jumped for it. Here’s the sampler from the new album (note the rip of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave”):

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  1. gonna try this link one more time, if it doesn't work for the love of god go and type in freezing moon vocal cover, you will shit says:

  2. Lord Mosher of the Thrashing Pit says:

    fOR ALL those fucking no0b fags that populate the metal Archives that sometimes come here to the Anus:

    It’s not called Thrash it’s calles Speed Metal when referring to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Testament etc.

    “THRASH” was used very early in the 80’s to describe bands like DRI, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicidal Tendencies etc.

    You don’t believe me? Then, check this website and this review back from 1983. The site’s called
    and they collect review from various sources such as the old Thrasher Magazine.

    Now, these guys used the terms Speed metal and Thrash that coincide with Prozak’s use of the terms.

    Example of a review for DRI early in 1983:

    Note how they use the term “thrash”.

    So Prozak is right. I was there banging my head when Metallica didn’t even have a fukin record!!!!!

  3. asdlkfj says:

    I think COC slaughtered their good name starting in the 1990’s with “Blind”. Although I knew COC wouldn’t try to pick up where Animosity left off, I really hoped it wouldn’t be this bad.

  4. pearls before... SWWWAAAAYYYIIIINNNNEEEE says:

    CoC have already been through the Load/Reload stage. If the audience clamors for an Animosity they’ll get a Death Magnetic. I think they’ve sullied their name enough now to never warrant attention again.