2 thoughts on “Cosmic Church – Ylistys

  1. Rainy Afternoon Guy says:

    I’d rather listen to speed metal band Exumer. Anyone remembers that band? Some people will argue that their second album was a Reign in Blood ripoff but I like it. They released a new album a few years ago after a 25 year hiatus. It is actually pretty decent. Exumer seems to be one of those bands like Hallows Eve that are destined to fall under the radar of the Anus staff. Exumer, Razor, Sacrifice, Hexenhaus, Acusser, Powermad, Intruder all great bands to listen to on a rainy afternoon.

  2. eman says:

    This is cool, interesting, probably not boring. I have always thought of black metal as a mockery of death metal but there are a handful of groups that write music that can really suck me in. Burzum, Darkthrone are obviously at the top. I like the idea of “post-black” or whatever it is/was called (like Weakling), but none of the music I’ve heard is substantial enough to listen to again.

    Maybe it’s the overblown abrasiveness without much aggression (compared to grindcore, say) that I hear in black metal that shuts it down for me. This Cosmic Church has less of that intensity, sounds more like a story to me. Any recommendations along these lines would be appreciated; I’m woefully ill-informed about anything but the canonized classics.

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