Cruxiter unleashes Madness of the Void demo 2014

Heavy metal band Cruxiter unleashes its latest demo, “Madness of the Void,” via YouTube in preparation for a cassette release. Cruxiter has been steadily gaining fans for its mixture of modern technique, classic heavy metal, and touches from the album-oriented melodic guitar rock of the late 1970s.

This follows the band’s previous demo in 2014, “Under the Moon,” which is also available on YouTube and shows the band in transition between their earliest works and their present style.

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3 thoughts on “Cruxiter unleashes Madness of the Void demo 2014”

  1. Lord Mosher says:

    This is excellent heavy metal! HereĀ“s another contender along with Sammath for best albums of 2014, no doubt. I have their debut album and it kicks major fucking ass. The only objection I have is that the vocalist tries to hit those high notes when clearly they’re out of his range, making for some embarrasing moments on their debut album. Other than that, this band will appeal to Manilla Road and Bitches Sin fans.

    1. Helstar with thicker guitars. Good demos, better than local band caliber obviously.

  2. Cruxlit says:

    Make sure you get a copy of the cruxiter demo when it’s released. it will have the original thrash versions of Devils of Heavy Metal and Fall Back and Cower from back in 2011, songs were originally written for Hammer Whore. I’m sure you’ll like the more aggressive vocals. Thanks Lord Mosher and Bret you guys are fucking awesome

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