Cursed Productions interviews Amon Amarth

April 27, 2011 –
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Our old friends and comrades at Cursed Productions just interviewed one of the bands to take death metal mainstream, Amon Amarth.

While this band personally has no interest for me, being “too busy” as if trying to run away from life itself and sounding too much like a metalcore version of Dark Tranquility, seeing a quality metal journalist get some recognition is always a bright spot.

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  • Levy_Spearmen

    Those journalists must have had a great time with those fatties. The moment up until the midget fatty is all that is needed for people to watch. Yep, spot on interview.

  • Levy_Spearmen

    Great interview, but one more thing – I was totally aroused throughout. I’m trying to cut down on jerking off but how can I when watching those cute boys? :)

  • Winston Churchill

    I´m going to start trolling the fucking fag Amon Amarth guestbook real soon… now that we got rid of the gay Gojira guestbook after those fucking fag emo teens decided they had enough abuse and decided to cancel their guestbook, is time to find a new fucking target. Now I need some pussy before I get to that…

  • Levy_Spearmen

    Hey Mr. Churchill, wanna come over and play? I may not have a pussy but I have a nice, tight ass.

  • Winston Churchill

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  • Levy_Spearmen

    Boy howdy I’m a rising journalist in a big world of fags. I think I’ll interview some fags.

  • tweebo

    Amon Amarth comes with the cutest accesories you can dream of , action figures, comic books, plastic swords among other fun stuff. I took my Amon Amarth cds to show and tell at school and it turned out all my classmates already had the same cds, in fact even Mrs. Hanscom likes them! I think Mcdonalds is planning to add a mini Amon Amarth cd on every Happy Meal.

  • Amarthjira

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  • Levy_Spearmen

    Man, I love it when a big, black thug interviews me. A really good session usually leaves my ass sore for a week.

  • Adolf Hitler

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  • U R an Idiot, Hahahahaha Ahahaaa Ahahaha Haaa

    “being “too busy” as if trying to run away from life itself and sounding too much like a metalcore version of Dark Tranquility”

    I love how this aspie manages to come up with the absolutely worst, most off the mark descriptions of bands possible, owing to his meager musical IQ and limited descriptive vocabulary (I bet Deathspell Omega sounds like “too busy” “metalcore” to you too, dipshit). Even though Amon Amarth is one of the chuggiest, most monotone crap bands out there, I guess anything that doesn’t have the complete unisono of Morbid Anus’s worst 0000000000000000000000 riffs sounds “too busy” for you. Way to read your gay life philosophy into that, fag, how come Suffocation doesn’t sound “too busy as if trying to run away from life itself” to you?

  • hurp

    “…”too busy” as if trying to run away from life itself”

    Yeah, Amon Amarth are generic crap, but what does this even mean? Does it mean anything? I don’t think it does

  • Brutal slayer of Christians

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