Deathchain video premiere

Deathchain, a Finnish band that shares members with Demilich, Winterwolf and Jess and The Ancient Ones, recently released a video for their song “Seven Asakku Shadows” taken from their latest album, Ritual Death Metal.

The video is a slow motion celebration of flowing metal haircuts, complete with a guy pouring milk on his head and Antti Boman providing backing vocals in a robe and Cthulhu mask.

Ritual Death Metal is out now on Svart Records.

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7 thoughts on “Deathchain video premiere”

  1. fallot says:

    I guess it might have been funny if it wasnt so annoying and stupid

  2. bitterman says:

    Music sounds like Behemoth (a.k.a. one dimensional Morbid Angel clone band). Also, with all the technology, green screens, etc., it’s weird that old underground metal bands had better music videos than the ones now. Plague Rages, Black Winter Day, Dreaming in Red, Ill Neglect, God of Emptiness, Stranger Aeons,… the list goes on. Sure, this may be in HD so it doesn’t look grainy, but this might as well be some Century Media djent bands video. Even Bolt Thrower’s Cenotaph, which was all stock public domain footage and live clips leaves a stronger impression. While I like Demilich, Antti Boman’s association can’t change the fact that this band as well as Jess and the Ancient Ones and Winterwolf are dull.

    1. Robert says:

      I can’t agree there. While I enjoy old metal videos, I think this Deatchain video is better than this:

      1. fallot says:

        No way. Call of the Wintermoon is better than this video even. Even if that MA video is silly, it isnt anywhere near as completely sterile and aesthetically offensive as this video.

  3. Tralf says:

    This would make perfect background music for a monster truck rally commercial!

  4. I’m going to stop shaving my head so I can have such lush and flowing hair.

    Look out mirror, I’m going to slo-mo pose.

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