Decapitated releases PV for “Veins” off Blood Mantra

Decapitated from Poland used to be the darling of many a metalhead back in the 2000s; their original technical death metal style reminiscent of Vader and their youth making for many fruitful marketing campaigns. Nothing of that sort remains; the Decapitated of the current decade is modern, sleek, and understandably pretty banal. Recently, they commissioned an animated music video featuring the talents of Lukasz Rusinek, whom on this video showcases a stark and minimalistic visual style to go along with the chugs. I’m not familiar enough with Decapitated’s early work to say whether their formative work had any merit, but I highly doubt that this is an improvement.

4 thoughts on “Decapitated releases PV for “Veins” off Blood Mantra

  1. MP says:

    Speaking of Poland, whatever happened to Betrayer’s Infernum In Terra?

    1. Loosen’ up, bra
      Don’t you see how innovative and progressive this is?

  2. Anthony says:

    Winds of Creation is pretty cool. The rest? Not so much.

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