Dehumanized – Controlled Elite

dehumanized-controlled_eliteIt’s the rare band that improves with age. New York’s Dehumanized returns with a leaner and more complex sound in the style of percussive death metal, a lot like Suffocation or Malevolent Creation given lessons in being mean.

Although the band bill their as “slam death metal,” its roots are in the muted-strumming high-impact styles that extends from Exodus through Meshuggah, with stops in the middle for Morpheus Descends and Resurrection. It is a mathematics of complex impacts, like Shao-lin monks attacking with the precision of a supercomputer.

Dehumanized make their songs out of chromatic strips of chords arrayed in layers of riffs, alternating every third riff or so with a melodic counter-commentary similar to that used by newer percussive death bands like Deeds of Flesh. The result keeps interest throughout and gives you a break between pummeling skull-crushing material and abrupt tempo changes that leave a whiff of snapped necks in their path.

Vocals are chortled guttural rants that undulate through the guitar rhythms that dominate each song. Percussion follows with a flair for fills in the style of modern technical death metal, but rides a cadence like old school death. Songs are efficient, and listenable in that way that Napalm Death’s Fear, Emptiness, Despair is, meaning that they are catchy and minimal but not so repetitive that the brain filters them out.

Lite jazz musicians and metalcore enthusiasts will fear and loathe this album, but for those who like meaty and violent death metal, it is a treat that deserves more inspection. Birthed of the militaristic NYDM scene, Controlled Elite lives up to its reputation by being simultaneously ferocious and listenable.

2 thoughts on “Dehumanized – Controlled Elite”

  1. Metal for morons:

    – Slam metal
    – Pantera
    – Groove metal
    – Stoner metal
    – Breakdown metal

    Seriously, every single one of these fucking bands are designed for people with dysfunctional brains. If you’re as stupid as a cheeseburger, you might like them, but otherwise, avoid avoid avoid! What’s doing reporting on this low-IQ cell phone repair shop metal?

  2. Rob says:

    This is a joke, right Brett? If you like this band, then I must say, Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The old Brett Stevens would never acknowledge this band. WTF?

    I mean, they’re not bad but why would fans of the DLA, and listen to a band that’s doing what was covered already by Suffocation almost two decades ago?

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