Demonaz releases debut

Demonaz’ debut album “March Of The Norse” will be released April 1 (Europe) and May 17 (US).

The album will be available as a limited edition digipak, limited picture disc and regular black vinyl.

There will also be a limited mail order vinyl edition and a mail order box edition.

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  1. Your all gay, initially. says:


  2. fallot says:

    Two sample tracks on Myspace: Over the Mountains and Under the Dying Sun

    The second one is considerably better but both are barely metal. If this is representative of the album then it will not be worthwhile. Terrible.

  3. Creeper says:


  4. PBR says:

    Demonaz… didn’t he play in Wheezer?

  5. PK says:

    Dude looks like a fat cholo in that myspace photo. All he’s missing is a wife beater and a can of Tecate.

  6. Metalhead666 says:

    Sounds a lot like Metallica’s classic Black Album. I’m glad Demonaz has graduated from crap like Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism and Pure Holocaust into the world of real music, the black metal scene will be better off for it.

  7. Bro666 says:

    dude that cover is fucking godly I’ve been looking for a cool tattoo Im gonna have that fucking skull tattooed on my leg man its gonna be killer! much respect to demonaz for releasing such a great album man I cant wait to hear it

  8. noktorn says:

    It’s kinda ok. I guess. Where’s my groove metal stack?

  9. dsdsdsdsd says:

    From the "heavy metal FAQ" here: "… Heavy metal culture resembles European literary Romanticism in its emphasis on the individual and nature …"

    So what’s this site’s beef with individualism? And why does it also proclaim that metal goes against the idea of the individual? Get your shit together.

  10. Destroy the Christ meme. says:

    ” emphasis on the individual and nature …”

    Not on the individual being a separate, god like rational entity, removed from the sphere of nature and the laws inscribed in the universe.

    We use stuff like liberalism, modernism, ect to collectively agree on a purely SOCAIL base to escape from nature/reality. Like a consensual, shared blindfold. It’s important to note that all of these are subsets of a larger “ideology” – Humanism.

    Hope that helps.

  11. Individualism for positive, pragmatic means. Not bloviation and detachment! says:

    Basically, the individual has a context in a whole far greater than itself.

    This is also totally obvious, if you don’t have your head up your ass, that is ;)

  12. Make plato proud! says:

    Understand your role,understand your world, adapt, and revere life!

  13. more posts says:

    Death to the hijacked meme of individuality!!!

    Fuck the ass of christ!!!


    “they suck a little less i guess”

    “Well it’s at least better”

    “Better than most”

    “it’s all right”

    “Pretty cool, wears on you after a while though”

    “Not really my thing, but maybe yours’



    “Pretty neat if overly simple”



    “I guess this is good?”


    “Pretty average live representation”

    “yeah okay”

  15. noktorn says:

    the post above is kinda sorta neat, i guess

    (Hey guys check out my one man black metal project where I breathe into a microphone)

  16. Devy_Queerman says:

    Hey Noktorn, have you heard my awesome stuff? It has some clean singing and Fear Factory riffs, plus artsy pretensions (I know you think those are “pretty ok sometimes”) and oh so humourous humour. Oh yeah and I’m Canadian! Woo!

  17. Adry_Hildeman says:


  18. B.M.Jerkoff says:

    I though he had arthritis and couldn’t play anymore??

  19. Humanist says:

    This stuff isn’t bad at all, but something makes it sound like depressed Power Metal. Like, it needs some more energy or something, or maybe it’s the production and keyboards. If a band like Kiske era Helloween or Crystallion were playing it this would totally rip.

    I also thought he couldn’t play anything anymore because of tendonitis? Good to see him back.

  20. Wha says:

    no its necrotizing fascism or something thats why he got thrown out by slayer or something

  21. queefer sutherland says:
    I’m fairly confident that this article is talking about the same Adrian Mccoy of ANUSian legend… there’s even a news report on him at the end!!! LOLAGE

  22. drop it like it's hot says:

    Adrian McCoy, metal martyr and hero to aspiedom.

  23. Demoazz says:

    oh yeah shake dat demon azz

  24. ULTRA BORIS says:

    Noktorn always held a grudge against me cause his reviews suck balls.

  25. hells_unicorn says:

    Why can’t I review Anders’ dick? SIGH. Guess I’ll just have to review every fucking In Flames album ever, and let you connect the dots.

  26. autothrall says:

    My reviews are the perfect cure for insomnia!

  27. sdfsdfsdfsdfs says:

    "The album will be available as a limited edition digipak,"

    not getting this, I hate digipaks, I like my albums to last

  28. >oh yeah shake dat demon azz

    lol. Was about to post the exact same thing.

  29. an opinion says:

    I love the peacevile type digipack -> like the Burzum and Darkthrone re-issues. I prefer them over jewel cases actually. Big ass digipacks piss me the fuck off though!

  30. noktorn says:

    You say Justin Bieber, I say GREEN DAY!
    You say Kanye West, I say IRON MAIDEN!
    You say Eminem, I say KORN!

    Paste this if you support REAL ROCK

  31. noktorn says:

    You say Justin Bieber, I say DELICIOUS COCK!
    You say Kanye West, I say DELICIOUS COCK!
    You say Eminem, I say DELICIOUS COCK!

    Paste this if you support REAL COCK

  32. lssodj says:

    Anus, boldly saying what no one else dares to say: pirates are bad


    Paste this if you support REAL COCK

  34. Brosef "Noktorn" Stalin says:



  35. noktorn says:

    If you read the first letter of every title of my reviews going down, it spells out the entire text of Moby Dick, except it’s a really gay version where Ishmael complains about oldschool death metal a lot for no real reason.

  36. Noktornville says:

    Call Me Ishmael…I guess. I mean you don’t have to, but most people do so, you know, whatever.

  37. Dr Watson's hipster nephew says:

    Is this kind of the metal project of the Gorillaz ?

  38. Cocktorn says:

    hurr durr luk wut i dud lolololol

  39. Notkorn says:


    (main riff of KoЯn – Blind)

  40. I'm the moderator now, everybody step the fuck back says:

    Guys please stop being so stupid it hurts my ego which I inflate by visiting this website and pretending it has anything to do with me.

  41. fuckass says:


    (main riff of Gorguts – Obscura)

  42. I'm the real moderator says:

    Damn, I’m thirsty for cum, anyone need their dick sucked?

  43. Jonathan Davis aka Demonazz says:

    oom na na oom na na ema
    da oom da na oom nnana ema

  44. Falconsbane says:

    Noktorn’s reviews are shitty and Gutterscream is waay to fucking pretentious, Ultraboris is hilarious as dick! Autothrall is boring as dick!

    quote from Ultra Boris: “Then, every once in a while, for no reason, along comes a riff that pretty much picks you up by the genitalia, punches you in the face approximately 489342 times in a row, and then throws you against the wall, at which point it orders you to “COMMENCE BANGING YOUR HEAD, YOU WORTHLESS PUSSY”

    He even hates Opeth !

  45. prozak had two moms, explains a lot, don't it says:

    lol’d hard @ fuckass and Demonazz, good show :D

  46. UltraBoris says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I really love it when a bands riffs just demand me to go down on an HIV infected negro and take their cock all the way into my intestin– whoops I mean head bang!

  47. nolifetilmetal says:

    Your welcome to my site where I talk about how much I love Metal except for the things that go against my Christian religion:

  48. dicktorn says:

    there are two important things in life for me 1) ramming UltraBoris in the anus and 2) REAL COCK, preferably in my mouth.

  49. Count Jizznach says:

    way to kill your legacy demonaz, you dirty pole-dancing ho.

  50. spider senxe says: