DEMONCY “Enthroned is the Night” update

Demoncy Update:

Good news and bad news. The good news is the disc,booklet & wallet sleeve are complete!….. yay…… right? no the outer jacket is still on hold we were not happy with what was presented to us after a lot of going back and forth over this. Now I was told today that we could have this resolved as soon as tomorrow as far as getting this jacket in production but I have my doubts. I’m thinking we won’t have this situated to the point where the jacket will start production until next week (if we’re lucky). SoOO again delays plague “Enthroned Is The Night” but the digital downloads go live tomorrow. Now this could end in my version of the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is we go to another manufacturer to complete the jacket, this could delay the release another month!!! so we are hoping this is an option we can avoid but hopefully I should know before the end of the weekend and be back with better solidified news. So thats all for now… I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “DEMONCY “Enthroned is the Night” update”

  1. Numbnuts says:

    This could be one of the best releases of 2013

  2. Fist Rape says:

    “but the digital downloads go live tomorrow”


  3. stepreo says:

    This is going to be slightly redundant, but for anyone who hasn’t heard a sample of that album

    ..beyond impressive.

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