Destruction to release Under Attack


Destruction plans to release their next studio album, Under Attack, on May 13th, 2016; amusingly enough this’ll be their 13th album as well; at least if you count the especially disastrous mid-’90s lineup’s material. “Neo-Destruction”, as they call it these days, is especially important to understanding this band. Its studio work blew up so violently in their faces that it locked the band into the self-referential and especially formulaic route they tread today. Under Attack is unlikely to end that, and the trailer showcases little of the inventive riffcraft and melodic development that made the band influential and interesting in the ’80s, even though the rest of their songwriting eventually fell behind more advanced underground acts.

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One thought on “Destruction to release Under Attack

  1. morbideathscream says:

    Release from agony is the last destruction album worthy of purchase, live without sense is also killer, probably one of the best live metal albums. Destruction, like many other speed/thrash metal bands, were great in the 80’s, but have put out rehashed garbage ever since. I always preferred Destruction over Sodom with Kreator being the finest from the old Teutonic scene.

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