5 thoughts on “Discharge Announce Rescheduled Tour Dates”

  1. Daniel Maarat is a cum guzzler says:

    Nice. Now go write another shitty review using big words, faggot.

  2. C.M. says:

    This may be related to Discharge only indirectly but how do you think British bands will be affected by the recent British Exit? Will touring in Europe become more difficult?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Rather the opposite: It’s already the case that »european tours« often/ usually omit the Disunited Kingdom. If a future British Government, in addition to abolishing the minimum wage and maternity leave, as Andrea Bankersson is already planning, also extends the already severe work visa requirements to »foreigners from the continent«, this will become an even rarer occurence.

      1. C.M. says:

        Ah I see. Thanks for the insight.

  3. canadaspaceman says:

    If Britain becomes National Socialist after “Brexit”, many people will want to move there.

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