Discharge re-releases

Candlelight re-issues two great titles from Discharge next week!

Characterized by a heavy, distorted, grinding guitar-driven sound, England’s Discharge are reknown for their raw, shouted vocals and insightful lyrics. It made them an immediate favorite on anarcho lists. The original line-up reunited in in 2000, allowing another generation of new bands to be influenced by their sounds. Disensitise and War Is Hell both feature bonus material not available on the original/earlier release. Coming September 27 another killer reissue – Extreme Noise Terror’s awesome Holocaust In My Head!

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  1. zsdfghj says:

    Candlelight supports PETA, an ultra-liberal organization that kills animals whilst claiming to dedend them.

  2. sdtewet6 says:


  3. advwejkl says:

    Discharge reigns! PETA pans!

  4. You are a fag if you do says:

    Who cares about animal rights?

  5. the truth is I have herpes says:

    Who cares about post-Hear Nothing Discharge?