DMU chat/forum on DISCORD

In response to repeated requests at the reactivation of the now-obsolete Death Metal Underground forum section, our staff has decided to open an official DMU Discord server for the unhindered sharing of opinions, articles, links, music and more.

This is a permanent invitation link to our DMU Discord server.

Feel free to join at your leisure.

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4 thoughts on “DMU chat/forum on DISCORD”

  1. thewarning says:

    Didn’t Mr. Andrew Anglin tell everyone to stop going on Discord because they’ll get doxxed ?

    But hey, if that’s how you old-school free-speech believers get your kicks, then go ahead.

    1. D.A.R.G. says:

      Who is Andrew Anglin?
      And what are you going to imprudently share on Discord, or what frauds are you going to conduct in our server, that you need to be afraid of getting “doxxed”?
      You people and your news memes…

    2. ballsack melanoma says:

      Discord is indeed compromised by (((them))). That doesn’t mean you should be afraid to go there if you’re not going to say anything very subversive. If anything you should be more concerned about random trolls posting your shit on /baphomet/ or something. It goes without saying use a throwaway that’s not attached to your real email.

  2. Neutronhammer says:

    DMU getting with the times, I’ll pop by tomorrow

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