E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Kometenbahn

e-musikgruppe_lux_ohr-kometenbahnThe most immediate comparisons E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr will attract are to Tangerine Dream and other “cosmic” bands of the 1970s, but while the technique of this trancelike electronic waveform fits that description, its composition reflects on something more like the “chill-out” albums of the middle 1980s.

Kometenbahn uses many of the same samples and sounds as old Tangerine Dream. The Moog keyboards intermix with the highly sequenced percussive synthesizer that keeps time, and lengthy and intricate guitar solos use the same distortion and tuning. Even the studio sound is very similar.

How E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr differs from the cosmic musicians however is in structure. This music is built more like the 1980s techno and chill-out albums, like the KLF’s album titled after the genre, than the 1970s bands. The electronic acts of the 1970s had a lot more in common with progressive rock, and so structured each song around either a set classical form, or as an adaptation to the content being expressed.

In contrast, more like the 80s material Kometenbah is composed in layers shaped around a central circular structure. This is not verse-chorus, but more linear, with the idea that one alternating pattern attracts others and then variations are made to those to tweak intensity and build up an experience of their atmosphere and immersion of mood.

This album offers powerful stuff to those who love ambient music. It is a feast of sounds, textures and rhythms. While it does not use the cosmic song forms of Tangerine Dream and friends, it produces a more contemporary atmosphere of suspension of disbelief and exploration of not a labyrinth, but deepening detail of an intensely ornate and beautiful object.

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4 thoughts on “E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Kometenbahn”

  1. Scaramanga says:

    Very interesting, I wonder if there are any other new ‘prog’ bands worth praising. I know Gordian Knot, but that’s pretty much it. Magma seems still fine as well.

  2. Better than average club music. I love the space out tunes like this, but they never stick with me the way metal does. Perhaps it’s because they have only two moods, “sense of wonder” and “inner bliss.”

  3. What is this fruit bat non sense!

  4. bitterman says:

    This is shit. A lot of ambient music is. Klaus Schulze and Brian Eno released a lot of listless, dumb stuff too. It happens. Tangerine Dream… even club/dance derived electronic music like the one on Electric Doom Synthesis by Beherit is way better than this because of one thing: ideas. They had a plan when creating their music. They made albums (experiences). This is just a couple of repeated lines going through the motions. Keep this garbage in video games and movies, it’s background noise.

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