Emperor reform to play shows with In the Nightside Eclipse lineup

emperor-in_the_nightside_eclipseNorwegian black metal band Emperor have announced that they will be participating in 2014’s Wacken heavy metal festival.

In addition, the band will have the participation of Bard Faust, the drummer notable for his role on the In the Nightside Eclipse album. Along with Ihsahn and Samoth, this concert will be a reunion of the core lineup that produced the band’s most notable release.

As of now, the band has announced no future plans beyond that point. Ihsahn strongly expressed his disinclination towards a future album, stating that the interests of the various members have diverged too great an extent. That is probably for the best, as the last Emperor album was far removed from black metal and suffered from stylistic confusion.

The earlier Emperor albums were epic, narrative tales featuring overt symphonic influences. The band formed a landscape of sound, in which melodies would crystallize before melting away underneath a crushing rhythm track that took the focus again. Stylistically, they presented a sense of solitude, through which allowed the listener to appreciate the beauty hidden around him. If the band can carry across that original spirit two decades later, they have the potential of inspiring a new generation with their music.


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6 thoughts on “Emperor reform to play shows with In the Nightside Eclipse lineup”

  1. MF says:

    I think those tour dates at the bottom are listed in error, no?

    1. fallot says:

      Yes, those seem to be dates for the reformed Bane of Existence, some brutal death metal band.

      1. fallot says:

        Correction, both are from April Fools posts on RttP.

  2. Lord Mosher says:

    Demo and Ep compilation album from most likely the longest running Death Metal band in Texas, Severance, is available again! Severance – Progression Towards Purgatory is a must have for old school Death Metal die-hards, features two unreleased songs of perhaps the most underrated band in Texas.
    Severance is like a cross between Mortem of Peru with Pentagram of Chile, this is awesome Death Metal right here!
    Check out this killer tune:

  3. Anthony says:

    Figured that this was fake. If they couldn’t get Frost in the country, there’s no way that Faust would get past security.

  4. At the rate that things degenerate I don’t why the slipknot drummer couldn’t fill those bedroom slippers adequately.

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