Entrails Premiere “Soul Collector”

Swedish death ‘n’ roll band Entrails previewed a new track, “The Soul Collector”, from their upcoming sure to be awful album World Inferno from Metal Blade Records. Prior Entrails albums were shot full of holes in in the firing ranges / execution grounds that are the Sadistic Metal Reviews. World Inferno will surely be too based on this track.

“Soul Collector” takes Unleashed‘s almost polka New Wave of British Heavy Metal inspired gallops and sticks them a rock song that could be played by Entombed after their original turd sellout, Wolverine Blues, failed horrible and the band eventually incorporated death metal back into their sound. Nobody wants to hear a rehash of late 90s Entombed if they had Eddie the Iron Maiden mascot tattooed on their ass. Nobody should probably buy World Inferno either. The chance of it not sucking is zero. If you buy it, you should donate it as a target for the next Death Metal Underground staff shooting session. Yes, we get together and shoot modern firearms to make the social justice warriors, snowflakes, posers, and communists hate us ever more so.

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3 thoughts on “Entrails Premiere “Soul Collector””

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    I liked the first 3 Entrails albums (it was overkill I admit). so there, nyah !
    Yes, I know they mimic/rip off the sound of early 1990s bands, their logo is a ripoff of Entombed’s, and as far as I know, this might be just an easy cash-in.
    I missed their fourth LP, and this new track sounds decent, so I will grab them eventually with that demos comp LP, which is probably the only record for a desert island pick (if I was forced to choose out of them all).

  2. Zorak says:

    Critics are calling it everything from ‘shit’ to ‘fuckin’ shit’

  3. Exfoliation says:

    It sounds like two fags sucking each other’s dicks

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