Erosion of history

Back in the 1980s, it was hard to find Slayer in record stores or big concert halls.

“Heavy metal” meant Judas Priest, AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden and maybe Metallica — although Metallica scared most people, and Iron Maiden was considered Satanic for their Number of the Beast album, which meant many stores would not stock it. (Seems dated, but rather quaint: a society interested in its own well-being, even if a bit ignorant as to how it applies that. For example, Desperate Housewives is more Satanic than Iron Maiden.)

When you went to a big show — Slayer was still playing smaller venues, and until the New Titans on the Block tour, so were Sepultura et al — you usually did it at a place called The Summit. This was a basketball arena with an awesome circular lighting system and one of the first giant TV screens to show your favorite team eating dirt in high definition.

Sometime in the 1990s, it went bankrupt. Sometime in the 00s, it became a Megachurch.

As time goes on, I am reminded of a few things:

  • Most people hate themselves and want crap that feels like what they deserve
  • What is popular is always inferior to what intelligent people like
  • Over time, as new forms of music get discovered, they get dragged down to mediocrity
  • We destroy good bands and venues by forcing them to play the music industry game
  • The music industry game is pandering to idiots and then getting out before the band’s name value falls

And when all is said and done, the ashes fall, and the creatures of decay (including Lakewood Church, a cheesy megachurch that’s half-television and half-circus, with Jesus added) take over. RIP

0 thoughts on “Erosion of history”

  1. fartz says:

    Is this your way of reconciling with the fact Slayer are horrible and irrelevant now?

  2. fartz says:

    anyway am I gay if I feel the need to insert odd objects waay inside my rectum? Just wonderin’

  3. Cocks says:

    The music industry is a fitting punishment for those who participate in it.

  4. sarcasm says:

    “Most people hate themselves”

    I’m sure you actually have evidence for that statement.

  5. @ sarcasm says:

    They do.

    You for instance hate yourself for hating this site. You also hate yourself for hating this site and being here all the time.
    he he

  6. @ dumbass says:

    How about, he just hates this site and its retarded warblings. Then again, hate is too strong a word.

  7. @@ dumbass says:

    how come you’re such a fag?