FrankenSlayer footage

Slayer continue to play shows after the passing of Jeff Hanneman and the abrupt ousting of Dave Lombardo.┬áThe new ‘permanent’ line-up consists of Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt, and Paul Bostaph.

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9 thoughts on “FrankenSlayer footage”

  1. Wild says:

    How long until it’s just King and 3 hired goons?

  2. hoodwink says:

    this band is dead to me

  3. metrosexual says:

    Is Slayer now run by shareholders? Fuck them for ousting Lombardo.

  4. federico7979 says:

    it reminds me of deicide (benton and hoffmans issue)
    remember, it’s not slayer is frankenslayer, slayer has died.

  5. bitterman says:

    The only 100% Kerry King penned track they played at this fest was Hate Worldwide which sounds more like a The Haunted track. No crazy headbanging, thrashing or moshing, no Slayer yells either, just standing around and golf claps for the songs. I can’t blame the audience though, FrankenSlayer’s live performance seems so stale and lifeless… Slayer, without energy… a sad sight to behold. I hate Exodus, the Toxic Waltz is stupid, I hope Gary Holt has no involvement in the creative process… in a perfect world Kerry King would ditch plans for a new album and throw in the towel. They can still close their contract with a best of or b-sides and rarities release. The world is an ugly place, and even Slayer is not infallible. Jeff Hanneman and Slayer, R.I.P.

  6. metal bob says:

    Bills have to paid, kids have to be fed folks.

    1. bitterman says:

      Yeah, except Kerry King is basically the face of B.C. Rich (the reason he does all those NAMM shows) as well as a snake breeder and Tom Araya has a farm. They need to settle down; they’re too old and everything they did since Divine Intervention has been ruining their name. Look at South of Heaven performed on the Live Intrusion video: even when they were creatively past their prime (their “rather be at a football game” clothes being a giveaway), Slayer had a good time playing together live and you could see that. Then look at this video: Tom Araya looks like he wants to sleep.

      1. Wolfgang says:

        It’s not Slayer anymore.
        Those of us that managed to watch them live with the original line-up should be glad.
        Why are we watching this on the International Day of Slayer?

        1. Unholy Confessor says:

          Perhaps an understanding of Slayer vs. FrankenSlayer should be displayed for the whole world to see.

          Your words are this article, though this isn’t really an article; it’s balderdash.

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