Fuck Cancer 2 fest to hit Houston August 23-24, 2014


Twenty-one years after the Fuck Christ tour ravaged North America, the Fuck Cancer 2 fest will hit Houston, Texas. On August 23 and 24th a passel of death metal bands descend to tear out eardrums and possibly other body parts with the proceeds going to medical costs for cancer patient Calan Cazares.

12:00 Uncleansed
11:00 Behelit

9:00 Entrenched Defilement
8:15 Desecrate The Faith
7:30 CloudShift
6:45 Sever the Silence
6:00 Eviscerate the Proletariat
5:15 Irreconcilable Suffering
4:30 Avaris
3:45 Malignant Rot
3:00 FleshEater

Fuck Cancer 2 Fest
2:00 PM August 23 – 11:30 AM August 24, 2014
The White Swan Live
4419 Navigation Blvd, Houston, Texas 77011
(713) 923-2837

5 thoughts on “Fuck Cancer 2 fest to hit Houston August 23-24, 2014”

  1. EDS says:

    I thought that Behelit group was a Beherit worship band. Sort of like how Biolich is (or was) to Demilich. However this is not the case as they are a modern brutal technical death act.

    1. trystero says:

      A Behelit is a mystical item from the Japanese manga Berserk. From this you can guage the mental level, direction and quality of the band (Berserk is awesome though, v. metal).

      1. Catastrophist says:

        Japanese pronounce R’s/L’s similarly thus Beherit is also Behelit (same Syriac origin it seems). Behelit though definitely referring to the manga (even a pic of the thing in logo?).

        Berserk is definitely worth borrowing from a friend even if you despise manga.

  2. TheWaters says:

    This reminds me of the “Headbanging for a Cure” event that takes place in Toronto each year. Last June the headliner was Razor.

  3. Mythic Imagination says:

    Eviscerate the Proletariat huh? Sounds like a band this site might get along with.

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