Fuck Cancer 2 fest to hit Houston August 23-24, 2014

by Brett Stevens
July 20, 2014 –


Twenty-one years after the Fuck Christ tour ravaged North America, the Fuck Cancer 2 fest will hit Houston, Texas. On August 23 and 24th a passel of death metal bands descend to tear out eardrums and possibly other body parts with the proceeds going to medical costs for cancer patient Calan Cazares.

12:00 Uncleansed
11:00 Behelit

9:00 Entrenched Defilement
8:15 Desecrate The Faith
7:30 CloudShift
6:45 Sever the Silence
6:00 Eviscerate the Proletariat
5:15 Irreconcilable Suffering
4:30 Avaris
3:45 Malignant Rot
3:00 FleshEater

Fuck Cancer 2 Fest
2:00 PM August 23 – 11:30 AM August 24, 2014
The White Swan Live
4419 Navigation Blvd, Houston, Texas 77011
(713) 923-2837


  • EDS

    I thought that Behelit group was a Beherit worship band. Sort of like how Biolich is (or was) to Demilich. However this is not the case as they are a modern brutal technical death act.

    1. trystero

      A Behelit is a mystical item from the Japanese manga Berserk. From this you can guage the mental level, direction and quality of the band (Berserk is awesome though, v. metal).

      1. Catastrophist

        Japanese pronounce R’s/L’s similarly thus Beherit is also Behelit (same Syriac origin it seems). Behelit though definitely referring to the manga (even a pic of the thing in logo?).

        Berserk is definitely worth borrowing from a friend even if you despise manga.

  • TheWaters

    This reminds me of the “Headbanging for a Cure” event that takes place in Toronto each year. Last June the headliner was Razor.

  • Mythic Imagination

    Eviscerate the Proletariat huh? Sounds like a band this site might get along with.