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This band is the origin of all emo music. Starting in the mid-1980s, post-Minor Threat musicians tried to re-invent music and ended up with sensitive guy indie rock/post-hardcore hybrid. All post-2000 “metal” originates in what Fugazi did, except Fugazi was musically better. However, its attitude was totally corrupt and self-pitying. As a result, it attracted the type of person who now becomes a hipster: the self-pitying, defensive, self-obsessed, reality-denying narcissistic life dropout.

Fugazi’s label, Dischord Records, launched a digital archive of the band’s live …shows this fall. Twenty-five new shows are being added each month, including over 800 songs that have never been released.

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5 thoughts on “Fugazi Archive”

  1. please die in a motor vehicle accident with your parents says:

    lol @ autist failing to grasp how to use “>”. Typical anus.com poster.

  2. lvl 100 mewtwo says:

    >the self-pitying, defensive, self-obsessed, reality-denying narcissistic life dropout

    Wow, sound just like the death and black metal fan. According to you, they should totally all hang out, having so much in common (if the metal fans ever got out of their base_ments).

  3. wtf says:

    >800 songs

  4. hurrr says:

    Bands like Rites of Spring and Moss Icon were involved in the formation of “emo” as well. These bands, like Fugazi, are musically better than anything that followed in that style; however when stacked up against more worthy music they fall short.

  5. Vajazzle Prosack says:

    Hurrr: Perfectly said. Agree 100%

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