Funeral Circle – Funeral Circle

funeral_circle-funeral_circleI remember when I first realized that it doesn’t matter if a band clones its style. I was listening to the first General Surgery and thinking that, while it was basically a Carcass clone, it was also good. Pathologist followed that.

Funeral Circle is an unabashed and faithful Candlemass clone that manages to extend this style in a new direction through the band’s personality, which is slightly less purely dark than Candlemass’s. As a result, we end up with a doom metal band that puts more of an emphasis on epic atmosphere than purely doom atmosphere.

While this release does not have the fully formed personality that Candlemass did, it creates a middle of the room entry point to epic doom. Melodies sometimes borrow from alternative rock, folk and country; riffs are brought from the past with a sensibility derived from power metal, just slowed down. Sometimes, as in power metal, we hear a melodic sense similar to that of religious music.

Funeral Circle as a result is an enjoyable venture into creativity where atmosphere is the goal instead of crushing riffs or catchy choruses. This makes for a listening experience that like ambient music, hopes to store itself in the background and color consciousness, not abruptly direct it.

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2 thoughts on “Funeral Circle – Funeral Circle

  1. stormwinds says:

    Now that’s cover art that draws you to the album. I don’t think most bands nowadays realize that this is almost as important as back when people used to dig through record stores shelves to pick music.

  2. fallot says:

    The song is pretty good too. First metal in a long time that scratches the itch, I think its better formed than commented upon in this article, but there are instrumental and technical influences beyond Candlemass (can almost hear a bit of Dark Millenium, though it was not necessarily this band that they got the technique from). Weaknesses in songwriting are forgivable.

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