Gamers: idiots?

October 30, 2011 –
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For hilarity’s sake:

The members of death metal bands are not usually accused of tolerance of homosexuals. It’s just not easy to pronounce LGBT in a screech, a grunt or a scream. The two groups don’t usually coexist, so when Samwise Didier played a video of the lead singer from Cannibal Corpse ranting of his hatred of “Night Elf faggots,” many WoW-players and Blizzard fans were stunned. Sure, most of the offensive words were bleeped out, and when George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher took the stage to play with the all-Blizzard employee band Level 90 Epic Tauren Chieftain, only normal non-offensive metal ensued.

Cannibal Corpse is blockhead metal that sold out the percussive sound back in the 1990s, but Corpsegrinder is a really good fellow. It is a sad truth of being a metalhead that there are a lot of interesting and/or good people who make shitty music.

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  • angry man who's always angry

    Just because George Corpsegrinder is fucking stupid doesn’t mean all gamers are stupid. I’ve met some very bright gamers in my life which makes it worse that they spend all their time playing retarded videogames. Videogamers should be sent to Afghanistan for four years, that’ll sort them out. Or send them to Syria. Or Mars.

  • Old Nerd

    You fags should go LARPing and play D&D, because WoW is nothing more than pointless grinding and raiding. It has no soul.

  • Fag

    I know a lot of guys who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and just love vidya games. Sadly, it seems that Zykon-B is the only cure. Or cock and Mastodon. Hey, it worked for me!

  • @ GAYMER

    Neither. Unless you’re a Mastodon fan, in that case you’re an idiot for posting such a question and a fag for being a Mastodon fan.

  • angry man who's always angry

    Goddammit when the fuck is Sadistic Reviews coming back you sloppy cocksuckers? Sadistic Reviews was the reason why I had internet! Now I use my internet to surf for “small cock humiliation” porn and reading the gay comments on this blog. No wonder I’m fucking angry all the time!

  • George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher

    You should start playing WOW, bro. Once you get your tauren chieftain to level 90 all of that rage will disappear.

  • Queero Mc Hungo

    I like to grind my corpses. I like fucking dead boys. I loved fucking dead Mastodon guy. All bow to my majestic cock!

  • Levy_Corpsegrinder

    Man, I need a level 90 Tauren cock grinding my rectum! They’re so much thicker, girthier, and more pleasurable than those skinny-ass elvish cocks.


    I think Mastodon guy finally got the message that we despise his walmart metal band and decided to never come back to this blog. great!

  • Mastodon guy

    @ the faggot :MICHAEL JACKSONVILLE”

    Nah I’m still here faggot.

    Keep supporting great metal like Mastodon!

  • Former Game Designer

    Some games are great. Planescape: Torment, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, etc.

    They are great in that they can meaningfully stimulate and inspire the minds of our youth.

    Unfortunately most “gamers” are mediocre adults engaging in mindless self-indulgence.

  • Levy_Corpsegrinder

    Yes, it’s great how World of Warcraft stimulates and inspires the minds of youth. I love its magical inspiration to encourage me to grind endlessly for new items in order to maintain an imaginary status quo in an imaginary world. It’s very whimsical and fun, and it makes my dick hard. But you know what makes my dick even harder? Getting my ass reamed by a level 90 Tauren shaman… UGGGGHHHH it feels so good but my ass won’t stop bleeding!