Handy reminder about hearing protection

I’ve seen this a lot:

I have tinnitus and hearing loss from my rock and roll drumming days. It’s no joke. It never goes away. I have major sleep problems but it’s not because of the tinnitus. In some ways you can learn to ignore the constant noise or hum or …sound, but the worst park is getting up in the middle of the night when all around you is quiet and the hum or hiss ruins the experience. The same for being in a quiet forest or natural setting when you want to hear the forest sounds and the hum persists. I know other people with tinnitus and one of them says that if there was one thing in their life that they could change, it would be to be tinnitus free. Two friends got it from being in the military in Vietnam because of various weapons or ordinance detonations. Many rock musicians have tinnitus and hearing loss because of loud music. I think current musicians may have better hearing protection now, but not all. With some musicians, it’s a macho thing to play it at 11. Being in a loud restaurant with friends is a drag because I can’t understand much of what they’re saying. If you’re playing loud music, going to concerts or firing weapons, use hearing protection, you’ll be glad you did later in your life. Tinnitus is a total drag. – Gary Reams

Especially when firing guns at fleeing protesters, or burning churches in the dead of night, wear hearing protection! You’ll thank me as society implodes.

17 thoughts on “Handy reminder about hearing protection”

  1. outgrew metal says:

    Better advice would be just not to listen to metal/shit music. I agree with the gist of this post though.

  2. Mastodon guy @ outgrew metal says:

    I know I was drunk but how did my dick end up in your mouth?

    Did you like my jizz?

  3. Mastodon guy @ fake Mastodon guy above says:

    Stop impersonating me faggot. Let the dude speak his mind. He grew out of shitty metal that posted here daily but appreciates good, humanistic, hipster, left-wing music. Let him do so.

  4. bad at smoking weed says:

    so guise i think i accidentally a whole marijuana because im having a panic attack but what i realized was ONLY DEATH IS REAL


  5. Mastodon guy says:

    I got tinnitus from having guys jizz in my ears all the time. They just couldn’t take those continual bombardments of powerful cum. The Mastodom CDs (first two albums) were very brutal too.

  6. leftist testicleist says:

    fukin fascists man.

  7. yeah says:

    Carcass – Necroticism is one of the few decent death metal albums, and probably one of the top 3 death metal albums ever created. This was a groundbreaking band that had a tight musical vision. Here’s an interesting cover of Corporal Jigsore Quandary, one of the simpler but still more memorable (maybe even iconic) songs on the album.


  8. yeah 2 says:

    The thing is, for a pianist, who really should have developed perfect pitch, she plays some of the riffs wrong, like the one breakdown after the intro riff and before the first verse.

  9. your doctor says:

    Tinnitus is a mental disorder caused by aural trauma. Part of the brain is simulating a sound that isn’t there. I recommend a lobotomy.

  10. da nurse says:

    and lots lots lots of enemas! lol yay

  11. You're all Aspies Guy says:

    > leftwing

    > hipster music

    > You aspies are so stupid, bring back Medieval Prog guy back

  12. medieval prog guy says:

    I think this is a great progressive zeuhl fused with metal album and everyone should check it out.

    I uploaded the entire album –


  13. Star Trek dude with giant penis says:

    it SOunds GreaT like Gordian KnoT meets ExoDus and a bit of later Magma. Its gunna be Brootal Slayer of Christians noble swapper of Cum’s favorite Metul ALbuM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @ yeah says:

    necroticism is shit, it’s totally the start of their decline, the few rock/heavy metal riffs on symphonies of sickness were intended as parody, nobody gets that they later became what they were ‘parodying’.

  15. @ @ yeah says:

    “the few rock/heavy metal riffs on symphonies of sickness were intended as parody”

    Holy fuck you are an aspie

  16. @ @ @ yeah says:

    be that as it may, you are assuredly a fuckwit if you can praise the heavy rock direction they took on necroticism

  17. you says:


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