Here lies no peace

opo9635a1As we tread further into our demise, it’s good to remember the things that make life worthwhile. What is best in life? Chaos of course! What is Chaos? Everything.

Chaos is the impossible circumstance; the unfathomable underlining occurrence in which reality is structured. Chaos is the vibration in atoms. Chaos is the fish tank with too many fish. Most of all, Chaos is the confliction that keeps our monkey brains dreaming.

There would be nothing without Chaos. Its application is limitless! It reaches to the broadest and the smallest. It is a human striving for organization in a careless world. It is both our hurdle and goal, as well as stillness and movement.

If peace was a canvas, Chaos would be the paint.

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3 thoughts on “Here lies no peace”

  1. stormwinds says:

    This song is a death metal masterpiece. That chorus riff is like a lion roaring 10 cm from your ear.

  2. Carg says:

    How could there be chaos without the stability against which to compare it? If there is chaos here, then there is surely peace here; the peace was here before the chaos, just as the canvas was there before the painting.

  3. kvlt attakker says:

    Pass the pipe. Incoherent dribble or profound awakening?

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