Hipster “metal” is not metal

Total hipster doublejargon:

Boris [has not been a] heavy metal band at all. From the first day, we have never called ourselves as heavy metal. However, we are totally fine if everyone calls us a heavy metal band. We have been doing what we like and as a result we welcome if everyone says so, puts a tag on us or categorizes in specific genre. – Phoenix New Times

We aren’t, but if our fans are stupid and insist upon it, then that’s real to them and we are. For dollars.

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7 thoughts on “Hipster “metal” is not metal”

  1. Hipsteres says:

    I think they are Walmart metal. Hipster metal sounds like I’m being fake or greedy by trying to take away something that somebody else created and use it for my benefit.

  2. Cluster - Cluster II says:

    Cluster – Cluster II

  3. they don't care as long as you buy their albums says:

    Is it pronounced Seltic Frost or Keltic Frost? Is Napalm Death grindcore or death metal? Are the guys in Anthrax really Jewish?

  4. question says:

    Is Cluster II as good as Zuckerzeit? Downloading it now to find out.

  5. @they don't care as long as you buy their albums says:

    “Keltic” according to Tom G. Warrior.

  6. sun metal guy says:

    BLACK FUCKING SABBATH announces a new album and tour with its original lineup but anus rather give free advertising to boris and hipster metal… LOL YAY GO VIRGINITY, CHASTITY AND SOLAR OR SUN METAL!

  7. @sun or solar fag says:

    if ozzy’s involved, itll probably be shit

    trust me

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