5 thoughts on “How every day of this week has been”

  1. bitterman says:

    This band needs to stop now. With Jeff Hanneman’s death and his final achievement being the redeeming of Slayer’s lagging output with his compositions on World Painted Blood (a crowd pleasing album for people who want a Slayer album that actually sounds like Slayer, not Slipknot), it would only be right to leave his and the band’s legacy intact by reuniting with Dave Lombardo and doing a final tour playing classic Slayer songs. The album Kerry has been writing should be shelved out of respect, or released under a different name. Besides, with his BC Rich deals and whatnot, he can make a living without resorting to taking out notes from his old riffs to make new riffs for another Divine Intervention esque parody album. We’ve seen this before with Mayhem: instead of going out with Euronymous like a legend, Hellhammer brought an old bass player and vocalist (from when Mayhem was a moronic Venom ripoff) into the fold, hired new guns, and buried the band’s legacy in mud by using Mayhem as a brand name to sell black metal products.

    1. anguy says:

      I agree with everything you just wrote, however I am certain that Jeff would have wanted the band to continue.

  2. metal bob says:

    my week has been exactly the same.

    1. Wolfgang says:

      How strange, mine too.

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