Impiety announces release date for “The Impious Crusade” mini-album

impiety--the_impious_crusadeSingaporean war/terror metal band Impiety recently announced a new mini-album, The Impious Crusades, and now reveal that the slab of screaming death will hit your mailbox on August 6th, 2013, as released by Hell’s Headbangers Records.

According to frontman Shyaithan, “Mission accomplished, and honestly really satisfied with how this record turned out! The Impious Crusade is a giant leap ahead from the last Impiety album, and to top this one is going to be severely difficult. But that is what I enjoy most, and shall continue to further challenge myself pushing wider, deeper, and even further beyond boundaries of untamed death and chaos.”

The Impious Crusades unites itself on the Impiety motto of “crush, kill destroy” and includes a cover of Sorcery’s “Lucifer’s Legions” and artwork by cult paintbrush Lord Sickness. Although the band have released no information about style, it now seems it will be coherent with their past years of blasting, racing, raging and deconstructive fast simple death metal with undertones of melody.

Although self-referential titles are generally harbingers of poor quality releases, the band seems united on this mini-album as a kind of short and quick mission statement, which could lead to a summation of past works into a single hard-hitting dose. Fans await this exciting release as the band makes the tracklist available:

1. Arrival of the Assassins
2. Commanding Death & Destroy
3. Accelerate the Annhiliation
4. The Impious Crusade
5. Lucifer’s Legions (Sorcery Cover)

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3 thoughts on “Impiety announces release date for “The Impious Crusade” mini-album”

  1. Unconcerned Citizen says:

    This band is way over-hyped.

    The last interesting thing they did was Kaos Kommand 696, which wasn’t even that great. I’m sure this “mini-album” will be boring like their last few releases.

  2. bitterman says:

    This band is every bit as campy (meaningless) as Bloodbath or Dimmu Borgir (parodies of Dismember and Emperor respectively). I just heard the Sorcery song and it sounds like a crappy Vio-lence song with LG Petrov vocals. That should clue you in on the quality of this EP. Kaos Kommand 696 was their best album, and even then it had scatter brained riff salad arrangements through most of it. Just buy Immortal’s Blizzard Beasts instead.

  3. kvlt attakker says:

    This will be… disappointing…

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