2 thoughts on “Imprecation “Jehovah Denied” t-shirt”

  1. PARASITE says:

    This is an embarrassingly childish and elementary album title. Saying you DENY is pretty much saying that it is a truth which you do not WANT to accept. Its only awesome when Havohej does it, AND when you see those bastards walking up your driveway. Fuck off Imprecation, get a better title.

  2. Lord Ruthies Inn mc Bangin ye mom says:

    Imprecation get so much praise around here and I agree with that but,
    what about less known bands that totally kick fuckin’ ass like Expulser from Brazil and
    Magnus from Poland? These bands fucking kill man! Are the guys from the Anus staff
    deaf or what man? Seriously. The spirit these two bands possess surpasses anything Imprecation ever did.

    Expulser – Fornications Split 1990

    Expulser – The Unholy One 1992

    Magnus – I Was Watching My Death 1992

    Magnus – Scarlet Slaughterer 1989

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