Incantation – Profane Nexus Out August 11th

Incantation announced that their new album os coming out August 11th on Relapse Records and posted a teaser on their Zuckerbook page. Hopefully Profane Nexus will be better than the somewhat rehashed Vanquish in Vengeance and the speed and doom metal mediocrity of Dirges of Elysium. Don’t get your hopes up.

A new album from Incantation or any band without key members whose contributions made the band great in the past is usually a bad sign just like with Morbid AngelImmolation, and Emperor. Incantation has not written an album that holds up to repeated listening since Daniel Corchado left after Diabolical Conquest. The band seems to just bang out albums quickly to tour behind like so many other long running death metal bands.

These bands view the albums as products for the labels to sell that the band to advertise on tour with the label’s support. The albums are released on a James Bond movie release schedule of every 18 months or so with a revolving cast of musicians. These records are not music for music’s sake or artistic statements, rather they serve merely to arouse desire in their fans to go see the band live, listen to the older defining material, and maybe buy the record anyway as they are compulsive collectors. Metal fans should resist the urge to buy everything and go see the band live only if they play the material they want to hear, that is the old stuff. Nobody wants to pay to see a long-running band and have them shill the mediocre new album for half the set the same as nobody will likely be listening to Profane Nexus in five years.

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6 thoughts on “Incantation – Profane Nexus Out August 11th”

  1. Horrible dick and ball torture says:

    “Somewhat rehashed” is an understatement- ViV has many recycled riffs, even the beginning of track 1 starts exactly how OtG starts, note for note

  2. Mental Proctologist says:

    Wellll now my nigga you’re exaggerating (though admittedly only a bit).
    ‘Vanquish ‘n Vengeance’ has different notes (i.e. pitches), but the rhythm and arrangements are the same: all instruments hit 4 beats, then a lone guitar tremolo-picks 4 other notes, call ‘n response. I’d never heard this song before, I looked it up specifically to fact-check a nigga.

  3. Hdjsjsjsamakpflddbsvafakapsjgdkallaajhdhdhssksksbsbsvshsjsj says:

    No faith in the middle aged Irish

  4. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Will they play my bday for a 24 pack of Guinness & a few cans of corned beef hash?

    1. Throw in some gas money and a couple hamburgers and Incantation might.

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