Independent Heavy Metal Reviews

For some time, ANUS maintained a section of reviews for stuff that had not achieved classic status but was interesting to know about nonetheless. See our indepdent heavy metal reviews for reviews of P – The Larch Returns, Alchemy – Alchemy, Lubricant – Nookleptia, Bethzaida – Nine Worlds, Depression – Chronische Depression, Phlegethon – Fresco Lungs, Avathar – Where Light and Shadows Collide, Order From Chaos – Dawn Bringer, Vordven – Woodland Passage, Warhorse – Warhorse, Revenge – Victory. Intolerance. Mastery, Aukrehg – Lands of War, Revenge – Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist, Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter, Regredior – Forgotten Tears, Sombrous – Transcending the Light, Emit/Vrolok Split, Nightbringer – Rex Ex Ordine Throni, Polluted Inheritance – Ecocide, The Tarantists – demo 2004, Beyond Agony – Last of a Dying Breed, Fireaxe – Food for the Gods, Gnostic – Splinters of Change, Therion – A’arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming, Alethian – Dying Vine, Harkonin – Sermons of Anguish, Dug Pinnick – Emotional Animal, Aphotic/Dusk Split, Emit – A Sword of Death for the Prince.