Kaeck – Stormkult LP Pre-Orders Open

The long awaited vinyl remaster of Kaeck’s Stormkult, The Best Metal Album of 2015, is finally being pressed courtesy of Greek label Heathen Tribes.

The vinyl reissue cleans up the sound a bit, just a tiny little bit, for the sensuous enjoyment of warmth-loving vinyl fanatics. They should definitely snatch this up before the hipsters pin it up on their walls and the scalpers try to flip it on Discogs. Hessians should stick to Folter Record’s filthier CD version.

Kaeck “Stormkult” Vinyl well under way… 200 of them are currently being forged in Silver by European metalsmiths and each one painfully hand-numbered by Goblin slaves (which we lovingly whip each day here to get the job done).

This whole 12 inches of the fine silvery plate is available for pre-order at our bandcamp page and due to be released in December…

You can get it here:


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4 thoughts on “Kaeck – Stormkult LP Pre-Orders Open”

  1. Perturbator = trash (like everything else on blood music) says:

    Just stopping by yet again to mention this is fucking terrible! What the fuck is a goblin to me anyway!!? I’ll beat the shit out of a goblin!!!!

  2. Bill Hopkins says:

    Mid-tier. Nothing new to say.

  3. Enda Miller says:

    This album is ok, but overrated in these parts.

  4. Trashchunk says:

    I got the CD for $5, why would I spend more on a shitty ass smelling record?

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