Kreator and Sepultura 2017 European Tour

Kreator Sepultura tour

Kreator have announced an extensive 2017 tour with Sepultura in support of their yet-untitled, upcoming album.

While Kreator are long past their glory days and play music in between Teutonic speed metal and Gethenburg Melodeaf, fans may still want to check out this bill with a Cavalera-less Sepultura in case Sepultura plays any of their 1980s material.

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2 thoughts on “Kreator and Sepultura 2017 European Tour”

  1. Anthony says:

    Now THAT is a shit tour. Kreator have never really impressed me live, and they have a large backlog of crap from the past quarter century to slog through before you get to the quality stuff.

    I’m not sure why Sepultura isn’t the headliner, but in any case, they’ll probably only play new stuff as well. All of the live footage I’ve seen from them past and present has sucked. Super sloppy, and they do that Metallishit thing where they only play “medleys” of their old songs.

    Soilwork has always been trash, and Aborted can be summed up with a couple of pretentious analogies.

    Aborted : Impaled :: Impaled : Exhumed

    Impaled : Exhumed :: Exhumed : Carcass

    So they’re at like third on the Carcass clone totem pole… except they are perhaps even farther down the list if we factor in Pathologist, Haemorrhage, and General Surgery.

    Anyways, this tour takes place entirely within the new Bork-Borkistan Caliphate, so I won’t be able to see it regardless.

  2. Son of the Damned says:

    Definitely not a good news.Kreator and Sepultura,once great bands, have long since been dead and buried.As for the rest,every additional comment would be redundant.

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