La Vanguardia Subterránea Podcasts

With a total of 18 podcasts in conducted in Spanish, programs by La Vanguardia Subterránea are worth the time of non-Spanish speakers wishing to spend an evening exploring dark and twisted music. Music selections here rotate around underground black metal, especially of the satanic and outright perverse kinds, but there are also examples of ambient music, as well as punk and rock subgenres that may still appeal to our audience. 5 of the programs in the podcast series have been uploaded to Youtube, but the whole series can only be downloaded from the main webpage.

La Vanguardia Subterránea is also a blog about literature on mysticism and horror. But its most salient function is that of an underground label, with truly unique and rare items under its belt, many of which are solid releases in their own right. A few of these are guaranteed true gems that cannot be found elsewhere.

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