M.H.X’s Chronicles – Infinite Ocean (2015)


Playing a so-called melodic death metal in the vein of Insomnium, Chronicles try to step up onto the pop metal stage the . Infused with alternative metal inspirations and backed by keyboards playing standard progressions and happy-inspirational melodies, the only thing that tells us this is a metal release is that the drums are intense and that the vocals are growls. The squeaky-clean production is enviable and on par with pop metal divas Nightwish.  The way the music elements are carried, the contrast between sections that serve as verse-chorus rather than phrasal progressions place this squarely in the pop modality. The percussive riff carrying the voice, the single-mindedness of the contrasting riffs also point towards a metalcore inspiration. By the third track (which is actually the second song in the album) they have already introduced mellow and comforting young-man vocals.  In line with the modern tradition, when attempting to create variety, the band introduces incoherence in their music. Song’s are basically a long “inspirational melody” intro, pointless verse-chorus exchange, incoherent bridge and unrelated outro and/or verse chorus.

M.H.X.’s Chronicles have managed to unite in Infinite Ocean the diva-esque attitude of Nightwish, the boring melodic-based flatness of Insomnuim, the superficial pretentiousness of Epica and the easy-catchy, dumbed-down songwriting of metalcore inspired on Slaughter of the Soul. In other words we have here the summary of modern metal pop banality.

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  1. peter jones says:

    three comments.
    1) I am grateful that more albums are being reviewed than before.
    2) I preferred the old layout- summary with the option of reading more by clicking on the link
    3) rosales goes beyond hyper critical and mere opinion and simply adopts a condescending and condemning attitude towards most albums reviewed. this approach is very bad.

    1. Awww, that’s right, we must be nice to the feeble-minded and mediocre.
      If you want timid, “objective” (haha, yeah right) comments on albums, you can visit Angry Metal Guy.
      For discernment of quality and condemnation of the mediocre, you can stay here.

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