Metal Music Studies journal now on sale


The journal Metal Music Studies put forth by the International Society for Metal Music Studies is now on sale at this location. Individual subscriptions are £36 per year. The journal aims to fulfill the following mission statement:

To provide an intellectual hub for the International Society of Metal Music Studies and a vehicle to promote the development of metal music studies;

To be the focus for research and theory in metal music studies – a multidisciplinary (and interdisciplinary) subject field that engages with a range of parent disciplines, including (but not limited to) sociology, musicology, humanities, cultural studies, geography, philosophy, psychology, history, natural sciences;

To publish high-quality, world-class research, theory and shorter articles that cross over from the industry and the scene;

To be a world leader in interdisciplinary studies and be a unique resource for metal music studies.

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2 thoughts on “Metal Music Studies journal now on sale”

  1. Nito says:

    A quick google search reveals this guy to be a fan of nu-Enslaved (blackened screamo/shoegaze). I expect this to be another blunder in the world of “metal studies”.

  2. amber the hammer says:

    The point here is they’re organized, making a good threshold outside of ANUS, to battle the convoluted mess of liberal shenanigans that has become the metal world.

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