Metallica Micro Drone Show

Metallica have become the first touring band to use micro drones in their stage show.

A swarm of drones are flying around the band when they play “Moth Into Flame” off of Hardwired… to Self-Destruct on their current European tour. The live performance reveals the track to sound almost like a more haphazard, progressive rock version of something Artillery could play. This isn’t surprising since Artillery and Metallica’s albums from Ride the Lighting to …And Justice for All shared Danish super producer Flemming Rasmussen. Perhaps there he was much more influential to Metallica’s success than commonly thought.

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5 thoughts on “Metallica Micro Drone Show”

  1. Ghoulish Haver of Thai Toilet Spycam Porn says:

    You can always count on Metallica for new Spinal Tap moments

  2. Anthony says:

    nice skinny jeans ya fags

    1. The Art Goss Goulet Army is better than Arghoslent says:

      Yep, it does not compute when guys wear skinny jeans even when it is obvious the pants were designed to be worn by WOMEN.

      1. Saul says:

        That’s ALL of 80s metal jackass. Skin tight jeans were fucken regulation. Look at the inside sleeves for So Far So Good…you can see Mustaine’s balls shifting to the left.

        Real men show their testicles off with pride \m/

  3. Dispirited says:

    oh, just for a change, something nice about Metallica!
    But those drones are not an as much of an important detail in the show as the band’s performance during this leg of the tour (and the choice in the playlist, ditching mainstream tracks they played for the US audience in favour of Thrash classics).

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