Morbid Saint “Thrashaholic” 3CD set

Morbid Saint is re-releasing their first album with a demo of their second album and rare tracks in addition to a live DVD:

  • Disc 1: Spectrum of Death. The purest form of the original recording done at Opus Recording Studios in 1988.Our own master copy that has been re-mastered at Sixsound Studios.This is the only copy of Spectrum of Death made right after the final mix was done, before any mastering.
  • Disc 2: Destruction System with Extras. Re-mastered demo of the second album (master tapes have been lost). Also includes four previously unreleased songs in live and demo form.
  • Disc 3: Morbid Saint live DVD. Recorded live in 1991 at our first show. Recorded with multiple cameras, this DVD shows never before seen footage of Morbid Saint playing songs from both albums live.

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4 thoughts on “Morbid Saint “Thrashaholic” 3CD set”

  1. liking Morbid Saint = hipster garbage says:

    Morbid Saint sucks shit. One of the very worst “cult” bands to achieve any sort of notoriety in the internet aspie circle. Complete and absolute drivel, I’ll stick to Slayer, thanks.

  2. pure kvlt says:

    And it’s not even mastered, so it sounds like shit! Fvck yeah!

  3. Someone needs to start a death metal band called ASPIE. “We make our music for ourselves, and if anyone else digs it, that’s cool too.”

  4. 13 year old thrasher says:

    morbid saint > massacra

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