New “Hanneman-class” metal stars discovered

by Cory Van der Pol
July 6, 2014 –


According to a recent survey, one in ten thousand stars may be made of metal. This information was derived by examining the process of star formation.

Those of who are metalheads may find it relevant to suggest a new name for these stars: Hanneman-class stars. For if anything was ever made completely of metal, it was his mind and music.

No news yet on where to agitate for the adoption of this name.

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  • veien

    That’s awesome! I remember getting into astronomy at around the same time as listening to metal. They very much went hand in hand!

  • Nito

    Just in case you aren’t aware, someone seems to have stolen this site’s facebook page and is making posts about Brett Stevens being jewish.

        1. Wild

          The twitter graffiti has been removed.

          We are currently working on fixing the facebook page.

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          1. Rotten Ralph

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            1. Rotten Ralph

              Actually it’s just when you’re on reviews and audiofile that it takes you to the wrong page.

  • frozen horse

    Astronomers call everything except hydrogen and helium “metal.” That article was mentioning carbon and silicon. Hold off on the naming till you find more IRON!