9 thoughts on “New IMPRECATION rehearsal track released”

  1. enjoyable says:


  2. fucking murder the baby boomer skum says:

    “While I don’t condone violence, I can condone a reasonable, humane culling of the aging herd. They don’t have to actually die, just virtually pass away. And here’s how: if you are a boomer, stop. Just stop. Stop working, stop acquiring, stop micro-managing your (and my) universe, stop sucking the life out of popular culture, stop going outdoors in those ghastly Crocs and Tilley Endurable hats, and, please, stop talking about how you’re eventually going to stop and, instead, stop. Now.

    Read more: http://www.utne.com/Politics/First-Thing-Kill-All-the-Boomers.aspx#ixzz1jgLS6c6c

  3. slaughter the boomers says:

    “They promised a revolution and boy did they deliver. Safety net: shredded. Social Security: squandered. Liberalism: perished. Fairness: forgotten. Great Society: whatever. Do I even need to mention climate change? AIDS? The Monkees? So now they want to pass on their wisdom to the rest of us. Uh-huh.

    Read more: http://www.utne.com/Politics/First-Thing-Kill-All-the-Boomers.aspx#ixzz1jgLWUMBJ

  4. Streets run red with the blood of scum says:

    Psychiatrist suggests baby boomers kill themselves when they become old and feeble:


  5. Slaughter the Slaughterers too says:

    ^ just guarantee me that you’ll do the same at their age and I’m with you on this. (get AIDS to make shure you respect your engagement).

  6. phallusgod says:

    it has nothing to do with them being old, in healthy societies elders are praised, it has to do with them being degenerate failures

  7. Yeah… it’s basically like saying, “Kill the hippies! We missed them in 1968, but they move more slowly now, so lock and load!”

  8. Kirk Hammet says:

    fOR ALL those fucking no0b fags that populate the metal Archives that sometimes come here to the Anus:

    It’s not called Thrash it’s called Speed Metal when referring to bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Testament etc.

    “THRASH” was used very early in the 80’s to describe bands like DRI, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicidal Tendencies etc.

    You don’t believe me? Then, check this website and this review back from 1983. The site’s called http://www.killfromtheheart.com
    and they collect reviews from various sources such as the old Thrasher Magazine.

    Now, these guys used the terms Speed metal and Thrash that coincide with Prozak’s use of the terms.

    Example of a review for DRI early in 1983: http://www.killfromtheheart.com/albums.php?id=838&band_id=449

    Note how they use the term “thrash”.

    So Prozak is right. I was there banging my head when Metallica didn’t even have a fukin record!!

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