No God Only Pain emits patches, new direction


California doom/punk band No God Only Pain has published its latest round of stickers featuring artwork inspired by the Hellraiser films combined with grim realism from life experience. In addition, the band has announced that it will change direction from its fusion of black metal, doom metal, punk and classic metal to “roadhouse dark metal,” embracing all that is in feral atavistic realist rock from The Doors through Motorhead as well as its own influences.

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3 thoughts on “No God Only Pain emits patches, new direction”

  1. vOddy says:

    I have no idea what Dark Metal is. Can any one give me some good examples of the genre?

    1. hypocrite says:

      Just picture Patrick Swayze in blackface complaining about how his beer has gotten warm.

      I enjoyed their previous album. Hope this “new direction” doesn’t sound like my description.

    2. Meek Metalhead says:

      I always associated it with that Bethlehem album with the same name.

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