Obituary drummer feeds feral cats

I’m almost too cynical to think the news is anything but press releases, yet:

Donald Tardy has two passions.

His music – he’s the drummer for the death-metal band Obituary. And his cats – more than 140 of them.

They live in woods, behind shopping plazas and in dumpsters. They scrounge for food, scavenging rodents and trash, and fend off raccoons.

They’re feral cats, and according to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, they’re among an estimated 200,000 roaming Hillsborough County.

Tardy tends to more than 20 colonies, some with as few as two cats, others with nearly 30. He carefully protects their locations; some people are capable of unimaginable cruelty, while others find colonies a convenient place to dump unwanted cats. Every day he checks on “my gang,” feeding the cats and, when necessary, getting them veterinary care. – TBO

This makes me feel better about the time I went on a bender and re-purchased all those old early 1990s albums (and the Judas Priest catalog up through 2004). Some things just get better with time.

0 thoughts on “Obituary drummer feeds feral cats”

  1. Levy_Spearmen says:

    He should eugenically breed those cats into an army capable of hunting down your standard weak human.

  2. BRETT says:


  3. Chuck Schuldiner (from the grave) says:

    I love cats too, almost as much as I love cocks.

  4. Metal Cat says:

    Rebecca Black loves cats too!

  5. batman says:

    but seriously, fates warning and liege lord are pretty cool

  6. hail Manilla Choad! says:

    US Powa Metala rules

  7. Tina big Tits says:

    I think nobody knows what is the difference between power metal and heavy metal here at the DLA because they only care about death black and some thrash and grind; to most guys here power metal is gay music. Omen’s first two albums are heavy metal and they kickass, Liege Lord’s third album is very fucking cool, and Fates Warning 1st , 2nd and 4th albums are awesome. Helstar is just the best US power metal band ever!! Modern power metal is a breeding ground for future Gojira and Krallice fans. I still havent heard of a band that fuses power metal and grindcore though…

  8. Noko says:

    Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody and Falconer are better than all that shit.

    “I think nobody knows what is the difference between power metal and heavy metal here at the DLA”

    I think no one knows in general because there is no fucking difference. Not for “US” power metal at least. US power metal is fucking homo, by the way. Enjoy your spandex buttrock.

  9. chump change says:

    hey why don’t you write some more about glen benton’s bigfoot sightings

    fucking rednex.

  10. poopjokes says:

    I’d be interested in reading about power poop metal, if it exists…

  11. Mark says:

    Anus, I have read your site for years but I have completely absorbed your thought system and now my intellect is far greater than anyone related to this site… go ahead, ask me anything ;)

  12. ULTRABORIS says:

    Falconer and Rhapsody are fucking gay you faggot cock sucker !! Both are post 1996 bands, only a fucking moron would think that post 1996 power metal bands are better than the original 80’s bands. Blind Guardian after their first two albums are also gay. Go suck you midget mother’s hairy cock!!!

  13. More ANUS Hypocrisy says:

    So you think Obituary sucks until you find out guy feeds stray cats? That has nothing to do with their music. ANUS doesn’t care about metal or art at all. They are the same false-altruistic liberal morons they rail against. They only like nature because animals are cuddly-wuddly.

  14. fag dik says:


  15. fag dik says:

    YES 2 COX