On the importance of Slayer

Slayer revealed what my inner eye saw that I was afraid to admit: a society adrift without a goal, people terrified of death and as a result shocked by reality, and a culture of deferential euphemism which suffocated us all.

High school: the triumph of the utilitarian over the soul, with teenagers herded scared into dealing with subjects they barely understand. They do like dogs watching the needle of euthanasia know they will inherit this adult world and be forced to understand it.

Cut to the news: bombs falling, riots burning, dissidents kneel blindfolded before the crash. Mythical numbers jet up and down a stock market manic depression, and if it’s not the Reds, it could be the drug users, the hackers, the Satanists or the Nazis under the bed.

A supercomputer under such circumstances would assume it was doomed.

Teenagers do the same, but try to carry on as best they can.

I didn’t enjoy popular music. For me, another 10,000 love or sex songs had no relevance (for most of my teenage career, anything more than incompetent heavy petting was impossibly implausible). I didn’t really like the music my friends liked, although I thought it could be OK, it just didn’t grab me enough to make me want to save up for it, buy it and take it home, to make it part of my adult identity.


I had always hoped that someone would make music for declaring war against the utilitarian and adult, but do it in some way that like a good golf swing got under the topic, giving some lift to its opposition. I didn’t want teenage rebellion; I wanted an apocalyptic vision of how all this reality-denying utilitarianism would play out.

I found it in Slayer, through an album called “South of Heaven,” which like the book of Revelations revealed what my inner eye saw that I was afraid to admit: a society adrift without a goal, people terrified of death and as a result shocked by reality, and a culture of deferential euphemism which suffocated us all. And on the horizon, fire and hatred, as inexorable as the sunrise.

If you ever find yourself becalmed in hopelessness, sometimes what you need is not an assurance that it will all turn out OK. You might instead need a battle call, an affirmation of what you see, and a commitment to at least in your heart fight it, and possibly to branch out more.

This year, on June 6, I’ll be celebrating the proposed “International Day of Slayer,” a holiday for listening to Slayer (in theory). What I’m really celebrating is the mental freedom to tell the truth, to face the darkness and instead of fumbling blindly for denial or a band-aid, to draw a sword and charge in screaming. – Conservationist

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  1. TheWaters says:

    Inspiring and well said!

  2. OSW says:

    AWAKENED WE HAVE BECOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This summer will be glorious celebration of life’s PASSION! HAIL SLAYER!

  3. heckawaits says:


  4. Adrian McCoy says:


    Paul Gray of Slipknot is dead…long live death metal!!!!

    I’ll be rockin to Slayer on Paul’s rotting corpse!!!

  5. Adrian McCock says:

    Disregard that, I just realized that one slipknot member is like a tiny head of a hydra with a million heads known as the problem of what is wrong with metal.

    Aside from my recent regard for philosophy, i suck cocks.


  6. Adrian knows your immature and stupid... says:

    Your Time is Wasted

    Humanity: we labor so long and our labor gets us only unnecessary complications from society.
    Government, culture, and social behavior have become excuses to force us to spend, to keep the
    economy in forward motion despite its lack of any enduring value. Yet when we question a
    normative force restricts or brutalizes us.

    This tendency originates in the ideas of Christian thought, where man’s fundamental
    characteristic is being an imperfect creature modeled after the perfection of god. All focus
    is on the debt of individual humans to the collective goal, or god. Pride and individuality
    are negated and the overwhelming need of human fear is rectified as a high goal. Furthermore,
    hard work is idealized and real-world benefits are envisioned are reward for following the path
    of Christianity, justifying the righteousness and greed of executors of Christian leaders.

    A philosophical sickness, this confusing array of paradoxical objectives has left guilt-ridden
    humans in fear for many years, restricting western philosophy in order to provide a good source
    of obedient labor who do not question a world of control. The ideas of Christianity propagate
    to many levels of human interaction and force a weaker protocol of expression to lead each
    person toward the conclusion, and acceptance, of helplessness.

    The forces of the CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST cast doubt upon this idea of concrete obedience to a
    morally correct omnipotent force. To rid this age of this vast curse of weakness we pledge our
    violence to eradicating the continuation of these ideas by murdering those who believe them in
    today’s world so that next generation may be free of this idiocy.

    < http://www.anonhost.com/god/>

    Support the WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY and turn your mind toward deconstructing their lie.
    Reject their behaviors and do not indulge their guilt, but murder them with gleeful ire. Let
    the rotting corpses on crosses convince others of the impotence of Christian logic, and may the
    stench of slaughtered minions feed the tears of god as he laments an empire destroyed. For too
    long god and his followers have made profit from the enslavement of their believers, and their
    believers have in turn corrupted the earth with weakness. Now revenge strikes and SURE DEATH
    FOR CHRISTIANS follows!


    – god


  7. Adrian says:


  8. MiKKKro$oft Bu$hitler says:

    The irony being, of course, that Tom Ayra is a devout Catholic. :D

  9. SiNiSter_tRutH says:


    Adrian McCoy, of Sacramento, pleaded guilty in federal court last Friday to threatening the band.

    “The prosecutor told ABC23 that McCoy made threats on a metal underground-related Web site in January of 2006. While metalunderground.com did not confirm if McCoy made threats against Korn on their site, one user using the name, LordAgony, was kicked off the site at that time for making threats against the band, saying he wanted the band destroyed.”


    “The truth is out there, but you have to climb over some bushes and stuff and some roots to get there lol” – Varg

  10. Mcoygram says:



    google Adrian McCoy for some freaky shit!

  11. Lay Jeno says:

    They rokked the hizzy on Regis & Kelly last Thursday

  12. Adrian hates Korn a whole lot..... says:

    Fuck Korn and fuck anyone who calls me a cocksucker!!!!

    I’ll kill you all!!!

  13. Ian says:

    All of you. You spread hate. That’s all you do. I can agree with the things you say, but the way you say them is as ignorant as the Christians and Mallcore kids you hate. Stop bitching and try showing people what’s wrong.