Party thrash goes mainstream

by Brett Stevens
April 17, 2013 –

Apparently, rapper 50 Cent is a Municipal Waste fan. From the great info-dump that is Facebook:


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  • bitterman

    Unfortunately, this has been going on for a while. A jacket full of crossover band patches has been featured prominently on a Lady Gaga video (directed by the old Bathory drummer) and another platinum selling artist has worn one for his album (don’t know who it is off hand). Municipal Waste even did a Vans sneakers commercial. See, the whole “party thrash” thing can be a good money making venture for these labels and bands because it’s part rock, part hip hop apparel, part skateboard culture, part stoner comedy appeal, and it’s all about drinking and fun. It’s the Beastie Boys all over again, but what’s worse is by a band like Municipal Waste (for example) using guest appearances by Tomas Lindberg and having an association with Human Remains (drummer), they get false credibility with the metal sector. It’s like Forced Entry singing about Chuck Norris jokes, so it’s “metal” and “ironic/hip/etc.”. So now you have the ugliest subculture crossover imaginable, where everyone who’s marginally “this or that” can fit in together as “friends” under the umbrella of party thrash. I mean, think about the merchandising too. You can flip your Municipal Waste hat 90 degrees away from your face and become a wigger, or you can wear it normal with the bill flipped up and be a thrasher. Plus, with bands with metal associations like Volbeat or ghost and crossover associations like Anthrax in the limelight and the internet, there’s more awareness and thus a higher spread ratio of trendification. It’s not like how Sepultura’s Roots was given a huge marketing campaign and they could just deny their death metal past to look nu and fresh and talk about never selling out in interviews. This is worse, like when Max Cavalera wears Autopsy shirts on Soulfly promos in recent years to flaunt underground appeal but has dreadlocks in a Bob Marley beanie thing to seem different and hip, and thus reach out to broader “different” audiences. The times now are disgusting…

  • deadite

    Municipal Waste were better when they were just ripping off D.R.I. (first 2 albums)

    They should’ve stopped then.

  • Blake Jugg

    I think I’ve had sexual relations with the broad in that picture. If not, then she has a twin running around.

    How dirty must a needle be in order for it to be a dirty needle? After the first hipster vein?

  • shoko asahara

    This looks like a still from a FARC hostage video. The time has come to arm the robot band discussed in an earlier post! FOR VICTORY!

  • AUTOPSY is cooler

    This MMA fighter called THE WARMASTER listens to Bolt Thrower and has The IVth Crusade as his entrance theme. That stuff is cooler than 50 Cent listening to Anthrax wannabes. Is Amorphis going to play Black Embrace, Misery Path, or Vulgar Necrolatry when they tour and is Tomi Kouvusaari going to do the vocals? That’s the real issue here!