Paul Speckmann needs musicians


Looking for a guitarist drummer team in Europe to fill the position on the Abomination tour in November. Interested?
November 3rd until date unknown. 15 shows.

If interested, contact the Speckmaster through

0 thoughts on “Paul Speckmann needs musicians”

  1. Muppet Mcgoo says:

    I don’t play the guitar or anything but I play my cock real good. I can do ten finger tapping over it and double-hand stroke and picking my balls. I’m a virtuoso of choking my cock! I wonder if they’d let me in the band…

  2. Levy_Spearmen says:

    I love Placebo, think they play a very good kind of rock. I was getting fucked by Tiny Midget and he introduced me to this band. Anyone else likes Placebo here? Anyone knows where Tiny Midget at?

  3. Chuby_Fatmen says:

    I like cheese burgers.

  4. tiny virgin says:

    My ass is so tiny and tight, and it’s just aching to be penetrated. I need a big strong metal man to fuck me, I get so turned on listening to WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and LITURGY. My anus squelches and begs for cock! Please, someone fuck me hard and leave me in a transcendental black metal cum haze…

  5. Polish Dude. says:


  6. Levy_Spearmen says:

    Sorry Mcgoo, but until you’ve mastered the art of double-fisted prostate milking you cannot be considered a true expert. I’d be happy to help with lessons, if you’re interested. :)

  7. LEVY FAN!!! says:

    HEY LEVY!!!


  8. Dead Guy says:

    I wish I spent less time on the internet. I wish I tried in life

    I wish I found love
    I wish I had told Gramps how much I loved him
    I wish I helped others with hemirod problems like mine
    I wish I spent more time with dogs
    I wish I finally told Levy how I feel…

  9. Chuby_Fatmen says:

    I wish I hadn’t ate that last oreo cookie ‘n cheese bagel sandwich.

    aww man, gonna puke.

  10. Levy_Spearmen says:

    1. Limp Bizkit – Significant Other
    2. Korn – Life is Peachy
    3. Marilyn Manson – Hollywood
    4. Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing
    5. Rise Against – Revolutions per Minute
    6. Green Day – Kerplunk
    7. Disturbed – Believe
    8. Kid Rock – Rock n Roll Jesus
    9. Opeth – Blackwater Park
    10. Dave Weckl – Live

  11. anal slut says:

    I’m getting so turned on by my GOJIRA CDs, could someone please fuck me like a whore? I’m such a filthy slut, I support Palestine! So could a nice Arab whip me and penetrate me with his Dr Doom? I need Arab cock, let those poor oppressed Palestinians treat me like the slut that I am to work out all their sexual aggression….

  12. Tiny Gay Midget says:

    Levy_Spearmen is gay? cause i want him to suck my tiny penis and lick my balls with ever so gentle love!

  13. gay for satan says:

    Black Metal is a blasphemous art, a declaration of war against the egalitarian and liberal democratic Jesus. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin – so what could be more blasphemous than sex with another man?

    I suck cock in the name of Glorious Satan, shove a crucifix up my anus and dethrone the son of God!!

  14. Dingbat says:

    well look, put it this way…uhhmm

    You Say 50 Cent I Say KORN !!!!!!!

  15. sun metal guy says:

    I can play solar metal with my dick, can I join the band?

  16. Noam Chomsky says:

    Any one down for a game of scrabble?

  17. Timothy Wise says:

    I’m taking a dump, any one want another pepsi while i’m up?

  18. John Stuart Mill says:

    Dude, have you seen my car keys?

    Thought I left em’ on the fuckin’ table.
    had em’ a second ago…

  19. Thomas Hill Green says:

    Fuck yeah dude! Family Guys on!

  20. John Locke says:

    Kick ass dude!

    Pass the bong.

  21. Karl Marx says:

    Change the channel man, iv’e seen this one like a hundred times.

  22. Bill Mayer says:

    Get fucked bro! I want to watch it!

  23. Maximilien Robespierre says:

    Yeah dude, why don’t you go play scrabble with your boyfriend Noam.

  24. Jean-Jacques Rousseau says:

    Hahahaha oh snap!

    *high fives*

  25. John Locke says:

    Fuckers pooched.

  26. John Stuart Mill says:

    Seriously, any one see my car keys?

  27. Richard Dawkins says:

    Shut the fuck up bro, I cant hear the TV.

  28. John Locke says:

    Fucks sake, girlfriends calling me. Be right back.

  29. Martin Luther King says:


    *takes Locke’s seat on the couch*

  30. serious questioner says:


  31. Thomas Paine says:

    Dude… I got so trashed last night, I think that stripper stole my wallet. She knew how to work a cock though, anyone got any weed? I just smoked my last quarter…

  32. JIMMY JUMBO says:

    @ Thomas Paine

    That stripper’s name was Joe Wellhung, you fukkin fagg! I noticed by the fact that he was brushing your teeth wis his man-gina, you emo-fag! Want some weed? got it righ here, hangin between my legs. c’mon get closer, little closer, just a little more, now open your mouth…

  33. Richard Dawkins says:

    I have recently found God and ask that you refrain from swearing and stuff.