Pestilence releases “Necro Morph” from Obsideo


Pestilence will be remembered as one of the heroes of death metal, but many have stated reservations about their more recent output, which seems unduly influenced by the modern metal movement, including tek-deth and alt-metal, which always seem to go hand-in-hand.

“Necro Morph” shows the band dialing back from the modern metal fringe and making what’s basically renovated speed metal with modern metal touches, avoiding the true randomness of tek-deth. The counterweight to that is that this makes the music more repetitive, which forces the vocals to overcompensate to give it textural depth.

That approach might make sense if the vocals were sung, but it’s an unfortunate choice here. Pestilence has always excelled at instrumentals, not vocals; when your strongest instrument is the guitar, why make a vocal-heavy style? Second, this puts the emphasis on a style of growled/shouted vocals that don’t have that much variation, which requires comedic emphasis that in turn puts weight on the lyrics to be “interesting,” which in rock-n-roll-speak usually means “ludicrous.”

Further, putting the main thrust of the band’s effort into rhythm guitars that support vocals has dumbed down the riffs themselves, which have gone from interesting phrases that use both partial chords and single-string picking to constant power chords that form uniformly repetitive walls of sound interrupted strategically by rhythm for the Meshuggah-style jazz “offtime” effect.

When the solo does appear, it’s a beautiful thing, because these guys not only play their instruments well (which is cheap, as millions play well) but have a good ear for music that is both sonorous and pushing the edges of what we would consider organized sound. Can we have some more of this, please?

If anything, Pestilence should recognize that their audience is not “the kids,” who will always want something dumber than Pestilence can provide, but the maturing listener who wants something with a bit more meat than the mostly rock-based pop metal that dominates the airwaves. You can’t get successful by imitating what works for others, and Pestilence must find their own path.

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5 thoughts on “Pestilence releases “Necro Morph” from Obsideo

  1. Stephane says:

    Even if it’s not 100% Pestilence Style, I’m glad to ear again from them and I just can’t wait to listen to them more !

  2. fallot says:

    Disappointing, but then this band is long gone.

  3. Anthony says:

    Holy shit, this is almost… good-ish? It at least seems like it could have been made by the band that made Spheres, if not Consuming Impulse. That narration is pretty silly though. I think that they meant to say “All life ends, the visions fade. All that remains are memories…”

    1. fallot says:

      Too sparse to be good, at best its not the worst.

  4. Jennifer T says:

    What do you guys think of the first four Candlemass albums?
    Epicus Doomicu seems cool but Ancient Dreams seems way cooler to me.

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