Queensrÿche releases documentary about new album, mini movie


Queensrÿche began their reign as an Iron Maiden-inspired band that blended American west coast hard rock and progressive guitar rock with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

The result peaked in their most famous release, Operation: Mindcrime, which showed equal parts influences from Yes, Led Zeppelin and The Number of the Beast. The result plus passionate songwriting and intensely theatrical vocals proved a hit with fans and critics alike.

Currently, Queensrÿche are preparing a mini movie that uses tracks from their current self-titled album to tell a ten-minute story. The film, Queensrÿche: Ad Lucem, is expected to be released later this month with the followed embedded Queensrÿche songs: “Spore” “Midnight Lullaby” “A World Without” and “X2.”

Queensrÿche: Ad Lucem was created by Veva Entertainment in coordination with Queensrÿche and is directed by Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby and produced by Marco De Molina. It was filmed last month on location at Central City Stages in Los Angeles.

    Queensrÿche is:

  • Todd La Torre (vocals)
  • Michael Wilton (guitars)
  • Parker Lundgren (guitars)
  • Eddie Jackson (bass)
  • Scott Rockenfield (drums)

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4 thoughts on “Queensrÿche releases documentary about new album, mini movie”

  1. kvlt attakker says:

    I’ve never been able to get into this band.

    1. Tralf says:

      Neither have I. From what I remember of them, the riffs take a back seat to the vocals, which can work when the vocals are powerful enough (Manowar pulls it off on some of their older songs) but not when they are nasally and grating.

  2. fenrir says:

    Which Queensryche is this?

    1. stormwinds says:

      The one without mad Geoff and of course without Chris DeGarmo who was the mind of the band but left the music industry to be a professional pilot. They’ve been releasing crap for the last 20 years at least,
      Rage for Order and Operation: Mindcrime are good albums though.

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