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  1. canadaspaceman says:

    ah yes, I have heard of this phenomenon – Old people eventually die. Never stop the madness.
    Boss did a lot for the metal scene, just like a few others – Brian Slagel (Metal Blade), Johnny Zazula (Megaforce), Barry Kobrin (Combat/Relativity), Karl Walterbach (Noise Records), Martin Hooker (Music for Nations), etc.

    I have read for years the Black Mark re-releases, especially Bathory vinyl for a very long time sound inferior to the 1980s pressings, because they are now sourced from CD’s, like what Earache does?

    It would be nice if somebody that cared and knew what they were doing (in regards to preserving and correctly transferring the original studio sounds) would take over the Black Mark production.
    Boss stopped caring a long time ago it seems. Maybe when he realized how most will get free downloads instead of buying physical audio releases.

  2. Nom de plume says:

    Yes, they should at least reissue Cemetary and Fleshcrawl’s early albums. Those sell close to 80 Euros on discogs.

    1. Billy Foss says:

      Agreed. I’ve been a fan of An Evil Shade Of Grey since I first encountered it here in the link above.

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  4. Bands starting with 'B' says:

    Fuck Boss has manly forearms. He must have had a good heart to have respected his sons music and comparatively effeminate image though.

    1. Bands starting with 'B' says:

      Fucking legendary band though. Better than Slayer + Morbid Angel IMHO

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  6. Trashchunk says:

    Quorthon looks like a hot Texas bitch who would wear jean shorts and spread her lone star wide! Get Leatherface over here! There’s some pussy to molest!

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