Re-release of Sacramentum classic

Far Away from the Sun

Century Media Records have given us some truly enjoyable metal gems throughout the years (and some really awful ones), but if ever we doubted their good intentions (haha), a look at this page tells us the Sacramentum classic Far Away from the Sun will be re-released next year on the 25th of January by said label.

Described in our DMU review as “a lucid but emotive tribute to the rebellious humanness of soul”, Sacramentum’s début album seems consistently hailed as a favourite among underground metal fans.

4 thoughts on “Re-release of Sacramentum classic”

  1. Syd says:

    This is great news as original copies can’t be had for less than {how much in the wallet? the wallet itself, shoes, Ildjarn cds and that watch too!}.

    I just hope they don’t screw with the artwork and re-packaging too much. Just duplicate the original please.

    1. P.M. Jameson says:

      Agreed, it’s perfect as it is.

  2. Kalinka PM says:

    Knowing CM, you can count on it being remastered to shit.

  3. waster says:

    Fucking CM reissues (Unleashed, AtG, Sentenced…). I can understand this being remastered, as it was never released on vinyl (and they intend to rectify that). I really hope they don’t fuck it up like they do everything else.

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