Relapse Announce Probably Excremental New Supergroup Expulsion

Sell-out sludge label Relapse Records announced that they have signed a new “supergroup” named Expulsion, who of course have a new record, Nightmare Future, coming out on July 14th. Expulsion features members of grind originators Repulsion, Phobia, party metallers¬†Exhumed, , and the excrement pushers known as Gruesome. Hopefully Repulsion guitarist Matt Olivo brings some actual riffs to Nightmare Future and doesn’t just ape his past success to play double the festivals with double the beer, double the moshes, double the core, double the trends, and double the fun.

Expect nothing from members of Gruesome and Exhumed. Theyhave produced nothing of value, merely riding on the backs of Death and Carcass like boils on skin. If Chuck Schuldiner had endgame Kaposi’s Sarcoma like Baron Harkonnen in Dune, then Gruesome were the boils left on his rotting corpse at the viewing. Relapse have released nothing new of note without Rob Miller of Amebix in decades. Listen to the skid mark continue with “Altar of Slaughter”.

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3 thoughts on “Relapse Announce Probably Excremental New Supergroup Expulsion”

  1. ahpona says:

    “Expulsion”, seriously? Can you be more “middle school cover band”?

    1. bleeeeeccchhhh says:

      I think it’s pretty applicaple

      Ex- crement pro -pulsion

      They’re powered by shit.

  2. Nuclear Whore says:

    Not your personal blog, really. And dissing this way members of Repulsion, you have no shame.

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